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Industrial Connections, Past & Present

Attractive Industrial Attractions shaped by the past and the present

Industrial Connections, Past & Present

Europe’s Atlantic coastal cities fuelled in the past by booming local economies based in industries such as trading and shipping. 
Canals, river channels, large warehouses, quays, docklands, harbours, factories, shipyards, and many fine buildings and facilities to  visit and learn. 
Most of these industries drastically improved the quality of life for the citizens and provided a further boost to local economies. 
Attractions and visits make great tours for families and groups, though many of the traditional industries no longer exist, the rich architectural and cultural heritage of these industries can still be seen in the streetscape of the modern and vibrant Atlantic cities in the numerous surviving mills, shipyards, markets and warehouses.
Breweries and  Distilleries will appeal to beer, gin and whisky enthusiasts detailing brewing and distilling history, and the rich tastes of the Atlantic can be enjoyed not only in the seafood dishes served in the excellent restaurants all along the cities,  but also at the street side bars, chiringuitos, pubs, shops, patisseries, crêperies, etc…

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